Day 1: learning about each other

The students did a brief birthday line up where they shared something unusual about themselves with the persons standing on either side. They then shared at their tables either something interesting they learned in the birthday line up or share something new.

The remainder of the period was spent completing Dan Meyer’s Who I am handout.


I also had the students respond to the prompt: Describe a math class experience that was good or bad or describe your feelings about math.

Here are two:



Who has a growth mindset?


2 thoughts on “Day 1: learning about each other

  1. I like how you shared two student responses and asked who has a growth mindset. Will you be doing this with your students too?

    I begin classes next week with my grade 8 students and I will be using Dan’s “Who Am I?” activity (thanks for reminding me about this) and I will be doing a lot of problem solving to observe the kids in action. I am also bringing in many of Carol Dweck’s ideas and have key phrases that I’ll post in my classroom once we talk about her ideas.

    Thanks for sharing everything you are doing. I have a blog but haven’t posted in over a year. You are motivating me to get going with my again 🙂

    • Hi Cathy,

      At first I thought about keeping this information to myself, but students would definitely benefit from reading a few. Perhaps I’ll type some up and maybe paraphrase so the students don’t think I’m singling them out. You are giving me something to think about!

      I do wish you would blog! I would love to learn more from you. For me the best thing about blogging is reflecting. The second best thing is how the online community shares ideas and provides feedback.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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