Day 3: Finishing graphing stories; jigsawing the mathematical practices

The standard level class I had today did a nice job creating their own graphing stories. I introduced it yesterday and I was a bit concerned that it the idea was too abstract. It turned out they needed more time. Revisiting it today paid off.

Here are a few examples the students created. I asked them to try to do three different types of graphs. This particular class had better results with coming up with ideas that showed a  positive relationship.





With the time remaining the students reviewed the 8 mathematical practices using a jigsaw approach. Each of the eight groups was assigned a mathematical practice to explain and share with the class. It really helped to jog their memory because few could remember that the teachers referred to them often last year.


2 thoughts on “Day 3: Finishing graphing stories; jigsawing the mathematical practices

  1. thanks again for these posts. I am doing these right now with my students. I thought it might be fun to start a blog/site that highlights different graphing stories. I want to call it graphing stories, but that is already taken by Dan Meyer’s project. So I am might ask the students for a name. Do you think teachers would like to collaborate and submit student graphs? I think it would be great to build a collection over time.

    • What a GREAT idea! They could be used as a fun warm up like Estimation 180. Be sure to announce it as the “publication date” nears! I’ll likely do more once the I get to that unit, but I still have the student work from the first week of school.Let me know when it goes live.

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