Day 4: Mathematical practices and graphing stories, continued

Today I saw my “B” day math students (we’re on a block schedule), which is my second section of standard math and my one section of pre-algebra. I’m noticing that the graphing stories are really pushing students to think differently.

S: Is this ok?

Me: Two of your graphs have the same slope. You need to create 3 different graphs. (I know it’s not for lack of direction; they need to think and examine in a variety of perspectives.)

S: Hmmh.

Plus many are labeling their axes with too much information. I’m looking for key word descriptions such as, “books read” instead of, “The number of books you read”. This is all helpful information however.

Homework was to finish the graphing stories. That allowed some time to jigsaw and share out the 8 mathematical practices. My Pre-algebra students only got to up practice #4, model with mathematics.

model with mathematics


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