Day 10: Money Munchers collaboration

This formative assessment was unbelievably informative. It told me I have my work cut out for me. I handed back the feedback from day 8‘s task and asked the standard math students to work for 10 minutes independently. Not much progress. I then briefly talked to the class about resourcefulness. I said, “Sometimes information isn’t provided, but if we’re resourceful we can figure it out.”

Enter the Apollo 13 movie clip.

After the clip we talked a bit about how to estimate the dimensions of a mattress you sleep on. I left it up to the students to figure out how to estimate the area of a one dollar bill, and the rest of the problem.

After forty five minutes of group work, I called time and only one group was able to complete the task.

money work

Perseverance is one math practice that needs attention. I’ll also need to spend more time with the expectations of collaborative work.


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