Day 15: Molly’s locker combo task and more

We had another data retreat today so I left plans with the sub. The pre-algebra students worked on Molly Mathematician’s Locker Combination Predicament.

Molly Mathematician can’t remember her gym locker combination. The Physical Education teacher won’t provide her with the combination, but did give her the following clues about the combination:

  • The 3 numbers in the combination are between the numbers 15 and 30.
  • The sum of the numbers is 70.
  • When you square each number in her locker combination the digits 1 – 9 will appear only once in the digits of the 3 square numbers.
  • What is the combination to Molly’s locker?

I created a new handout for the task that includes criteria for success.

Criteria for success:

  • While your work is a result of a collaborative effort, your responses are individual
  • You have explained your approach and reasoning plus described any patterns you’ve discovered
  • Your work is organized and clearly labeled so that someone not knowing the problem can understand your thinking

Standard math students reviewed number properties. For homework they’ll practice using this assignment.

number properties

I can’t take credit for this snappy assignment. Colleagues at our sister middle school created it.


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