Day 22: integer subtraction and simplifying square roots

All the students in both classes today had their homework completed and we were able to move forward!

In my standard class today we focused on subtracting integers. The textbook says one class period, but that’s if you tell the students the rule instead of discovering it. They worked with the small dry erase boards while I posted problems on the screen. I was able to use my wireless tablet so I could walk around, keep kids on task, and check their work. I discovered just the right combination: plug, unplug, plug, unplug so that the projector would stop projecting a double image.

Pre-algebra kids did some rational number review with square and cubed roots, and rational vs. irrational numbers.

rational irrational

They should be ready for an assessment next week. I’m taking the kids beyond the grade level standard by introducing simplifying square roots.

simplify square roots

We spent about 15 minutes on 7 examples, but the class wasn’t ready for homework. We’ll pick it up again on Thursday.


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