Day 25: flexible grouping for integer review

My counterpart and I experimented with flexible grouping today to review for an assessment on adding and subtracting integers. We split our classes in half based on student readiness. She sent me her less ready students, and I sent her my students who needed more of a challenge. We’ll be doing this again with another set of classes tomorrow. Already I know I’ll want to do some things differently–namely having students spend more time at each station.

online integer gameinteger jeopardyinteger subtraction

I had seven groups of four in stations switching every 10 minutes. Three stations had online activities where students played Sheppard software’s integer addition and subtraction, which are leveled, plus an integer jeopardy game. Two stations played integer war and two had separate integer addition and subtraction worksheets.  I circulated to be sure students were showing work and checking for understanding.

As I was monitoring their progress I felt the lesson was rushed. Switching stations every ten minutes was too much.

The last 10 minutes was spent with whole class review. Students solved 8 problems and we checked answers. Most gave me a solid thumbs’ up.

I then referred to a half sheet on how to prepare for the assessment.

preparing for integer assessment

The best part of the lesson was students walked away knowing exactly what to prepare for, their strengths, their areas to work on, and how to use the textbook as a resource.


2 thoughts on “Day 25: flexible grouping for integer review

    • Thanks, Sherrie. Allowing more students more time at each station was a big improvement. While the students didn’t get to every station, they were still able to experience both online and paper/pencil activities.

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