Day 26: flexible grouping round two and simplifying square roots

At times it must be lousy to be in the guinea pig class. My counterpart and I continued our foray into flexible grouping and today was much improved. The integer stations were the same as yesterday’s, but today I allowed more time for students to be at each station. Obviously not all got to each station, but everyone did experience both online and paper/pencil practice. As they say, “It’s quality, not quantity.”

The pre-algebra students had some difficulty completing the homework on simplifying square roots. I think what was needed was additional time and practice because after I handed out some extra problems their confidence level soared. I used problems generated from the Math-Aids website. What was helpful was printing the step by step answer key on the reverse side.

simplify radicals

I have a few students who still have difficulty with their math facts and are unable to spot a perfect square. So they’ve been simplifying square roots using a factor tree.

factor tree


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