Day 27: assessment day

Today was a regular schedule where we saw all the students. My two standard math classes had an assessment on adding and subtracting integers. My pre-algebra students had an assessment on rational numbers.

I’m a bit troubled that some of my pre-algebra students came up to me saying they didn’t learn how to change a repeating decimal into a fraction when it included a whole number. The focus of my instruction was the decimal portion, assuming they knew to leave the whole number alone.

repeating decimal

Some students didn’t know how to approach this problem.

I was caught totally off guard. Was I expecting too much from them to make the connection that you leave the whole number alone? Is the problem that these students only learn to turn decimals to fractions by creating improper fractions then turning them into a mixed number?


Are we doing students a disservice by teaching decimals to fractions solely by creating improper fractions?


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