Day 31: assessment review round 2 and algebraic thinking with patterns

Pre-algebra students needed more time to complete the rational number assessment so they spent a portion of the block finishing the test. As students finished they worked independently or with a partner on some pattern problems.


I didn’t have time to discuss the nth term answers as a class, but this student was getting the idea–except for the underlined in yellow.

The students had done one or two problems earlier in the year with the sub, but they hadn’t discovered the nth term. They are gradually developing their algebraic thinking with these pattern problems. The page shown is from the What’s Next? A Pattern Discovery Approach to Problem Solving. I’ll discuss the problems with them on Thursday.

I haven’t looked at their rational numbers assessment, but I’m concerned that it took so much more time than I had anticipated. I told the students not to worry if they didn’t do well–that we’d revisit the concepts if most of the class struggled.

With my standard students we reviewed their integer assessment and I was quite proud of their efforts. No one earned below a level 2 (which equates to 70% in my SBG grade book), but I am insisting that the 3 or 4 students who did earn a level 2 must retake in a week’s time. It was quite a time consuming process explaining SBG to them for the first time. I also had to cover my expectations regarding evidence of study, and goal setting sheets. I’m anticipating fewer and fewer explanations as the year goes on.


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