Day 34: more exponent rules; MMM and range with integers

Students had early release today so we ran an abbreviated schedule in which I saw all of my classes for about 30 minutes each. In that time my standard students reviewed mean, median, mode, and range with integers. One thing I should have deleted on the practice sheet was the word “Challenge” on the last problem. Students were asking if that meant it was optional. It wasn’t.


The pre-algebra class reviewed their exponent rules homework for products and quotients. With the remaining time I challenged them with a few more problems that contained more than one variable and coefficient.

sample exponent rules problems

I’m still befuddled how students have difficulty transferring knowledge and applying it to a new situation. They don’t seem to be internalizing the coefficient and variable are being multiplied.  Simplifying the coefficients in the above fraction was a challenge for some.


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