Day 36: investigating student thinking

My standard students took the assessment on multiplying and dividing integers. This student seems to have difficulty with understanding that the sign is positive when multiplying or dividing by an even number of negatives.

multiplying integers

The same student, however, did well on this problem:

On your last four tests you scored a 70, 85, 77, and 86. What score must you get on your next test to have a mean average of 80?

Of all the students, she was the only one to realize the student needs a total of 400 points (80 points times 5 tests). “I have 318 so I need 82 more.”

test score mean

In pre-algebra we spent most of the block reviewing the rational number assessment. It was the first time many were introduced to standards based grading and my retake policy. The best way for me to explain how I decide a student’s level was to give them a breakdown of how they did by level.

SBG breakdown

Some students needed to retake level 2 and/or level 3 problems so I put an * by the level which meant reassess in one week’s time. I gave them a packet of practice problems, told them I want to see them in math lab or after school to be sure they are practicing correctly, plus make a study plan and turn it in with a parent signature.

I have 3 students who need to redo the entire assessment, and about 5 students who need to reassess either level 2 or level 3 problems.


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