Day 37 and 38: Variety Show task and exponents ^-3

Actually the title doesn’t capture yesterday, Day 37,–that’s when my “A” day standard class took the multiplying and dividing integers assessment.

Today my “B” day standard students worked on a Variety Show task which was a textbook makeover problem I worked on over the summer. You can read about it in more detail here.

The pre-algebra students got another scoop of exponents. Today’s flavor was negative exponents. I gave them a half sheet to discover the pattern. I asked them to initially work by themselves. This is the pattern most came up with.

negative exponents incorrect pattern

No! I had to stop the activity. They didn’t see the pattern halving.

After discussing how the pattern halves we did LOTS of practice problems. It took the entire block. When I see them next, they’ll get a second scoop of negative exponents, review multiplying and dividing exponents and hopefully they’ll be ready for an assessment on Thursday.


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