Day 40: review day for both classes

Today was a good day. Only a handful of my standard students need to reassess multiplying and dividing integers. I could let the students who demonstrated a level of proficiency of  2.5 (equivalent of 80%) off the hook and not reassess, but I want all of the kids to meet the standard.

“But I’m happy with an 80%.”

“Your parents and I want you to reach your full potential.”

“What if 80% is my full potential?”

“Then the retake will confirm that.”


After reviewing the first assessment the students who earned a level 3 or higher were given enrichment problems and used the doceri app on the iPad. The rest of the class reviewed problems using the the white boards.  As the rest of the class “got it” I let them pair up with the iPads. With about 25 minutes left in the block the entire class was sharing iPads. What a treat for them!


The pre-algebra students spent most of the block reviewing the exponent rules they’ve learned thus far. They like doing around the world. They pair up and they’re stationed at either a jumbo whiteboard or a wall mounted whiteboard. They number their station and every two problems one person rotates, creating new partners.

The assessment is on Thursday.


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