Day 45: assessment corrections on exponents

The Pre-algebra students rocked multiplying and dividing exponents, but I wasn’t satisfied with their performance on zero and negative exponents. Over the weekend I graded the assessments and it was clear I shouldn’t take the negative exponents for a grade. We’ll spend more time practicing and reviewing and I’ll reassess next week. The quarter ends tomorrow so the assessment will be entered in the second quarter grade book.

As we  took a closer look at the assessment students shared their problems on the board. When it came time for this problem:


I mentioned I didn’t see anyone simplify like this:

exponents simplify

There were about 15 minutes left in the block when we had an unannounced fire alarm. By the time we got back to the room there were only a few minutes left in class.

The standard kids today were treated to the think aloud I did yesterday. Lots of struggle, but several students caught on rather quickly to adding negative decimals.


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