Day 57: ordering fractions

I had my standard class today and I gave a pre-test on equivalent fractions, comparing and ordering. There were extra subs in the building so I was lucky enough to have the sub do a quick sort to determine who gets what. Most can write equivalent fractions and simplify. Ordering fractions and comparing fractions to decimals is where I’ll spend my time.

They took the pre-assessment seriously so there was not a whole lot of time left in the block to explore this interesting  task on ordering fractions from the NRICH site. It’s called Farey Sequences. Students worked to find the sequence for F5-F7.

farey sequence

The next time I see them, they’ll have a quick assessment on decimal estimation. And we’ll continue our work with fractions.


One thought on “Day 57: ordering fractions

  1. Thanks for reminding me to explore Nrich a little more carefully. This Farey sequence activity is terrific and seems easily adaptable for kids up through the curriculum. We can start looking at patterns for the number of terms, possibly examine the sums of the terms, etc.

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