Day 58: a zany pre-algebra day along with a fractions pre-test

I was a little weird today. We reviewed the homework for combining like terms and a couple of students asked to have some problems put up on the white board. One student began explaining by capping several Expo markers together to create a pointer. Instead I offered him a light saber–a gift from my husband while on a business trip to Disney World. As I passed it to the student I demonstrated a pretty mean sound effect of a saber twirling around. One thing led to another and soon I was imitating Yoda, and telling the students that I played  in a heavy metal band called Armored Car.

We finally got to one-step equations and closed out the class by singing “Up in the Air Junior Birdsman”.

In standard much of the time was spent reviewing decimal estimation and scientific notation. The kids took a pretest on fractions and that’s helped me to determine who I need to work with. I didn’t get a chance to introduce the Farey Sequence to this class, but will do so after their assessment on Thursday (we’re on a block schedule.)

I also stumbled upon the Peaches, Today Peaches Tomorrow task from NRICH that I’ll use with those who’ve pre-tested out of the lesson.


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