Days 59-61: estimation assessments and one step equations

My standard students were assessed on decimal estimation and scientific notation. As a math committee we’ll need to re-write the directions to make them more clear. Several students ended up estimating scientific notation instead of being precise and putting the number in standard form.

Earlier in the week I gave a pre-assessment on equivalent fractions, ordering, and comparing. That helped me to differentiate the class on Friday. About 8 students needed a re-fresher so I worked with them while the rest of the class worked on some fraction problem solving.

In pre-algebra the students are getting ready for an assessment on the distributive property, combining like terms and one step equations. Friday was an abbreviated schedule so the students got a glimpse of where we’re headed with linear equations along with no solutions, one solution, and infinite solutions. I used an 8th grade cell phone plan task from this Walch Education resource. It was challenging.


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