Days 62-64: determining importance and more

I’m a bit behind.

Standard classes on Thursday and Friday: We reviewed comparing and ordering fractions, then spent the rest of the time working on finding text evidence to solve word problems. I modeled this think-aloud:

…then the students worked on this problem:

student determining importance

What is puzzling is that so few students were able to make sense of the problem. Below, a student correctly identified the text evidence but was stumped after that.

student determine importance

I continued exploring determining importance and 3 students were able to correctly solve this problem:


Most student errors were related to not taking into account the length of the tunnel, so their answers were 6 minutes. I solved the problem using a proportion. None of the students thought to solve the problem that way. It gave me the opportunity to use my favorite saying, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

Today (Monday) students took a pre-assessment on fraction operations. This class we’ll need in-depth review.

Pre-algebra: on Thursday students took an assessment on one step equations. On Friday we reviewed the answers and then explored determining importance using this problem:

The sum of the ages of Elmira, Geoff and Rae is 82. If Elmira adds 6 to Geoff’s age, subtracts 8 from Rae’s age, or doubles her own age, it will equal Doug’s age. How old is Doug?

I don’t have student work to share as we only had but a few minutes. Tomorrow we’ll discuss it, explore a new problem, then begin work on decimal equations.


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