Day 74: Fractions and special case equations

Last night I created a video on adding and subtracting negative fractions and used Educanon to embed multiple choice questions.


Not a perfect video, but it served its purpose.

I’m trying to reach these students who are still struggling with the concept so I thought differentiating using the video would help. The video ran about 15 minutes including time for the questions. I routinely checked in on each student while the others worked on problem solving. As I checked in on the students I watched them making correct choices and incorrect choices. Each distractor included a response that gave them a clue as to the mistake they were making. The responses displayed after the distractors are helpful if the student reads them and analyzes their work closely.

When the video ended they joined the rest of the class working in small groups solving problems.

In pre-algebra I ripped off Courtney’s work on Special Cases–she credits Sarah and the MAP lesson on Solving Linear Equations. It took the entire block and was well worth the time.

special cases


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