Days 89-90 one step equations and distance formula

We had two snow days on Monday and Tuesday.

My standard classes on Wednesday and Thursday had an assessment on one-step equations. In pre-algebra students students explored the distance formula using this resource along with help from portions of this video. The students had some difficulty getting started so I showed the first few minutes to get them thinking about using x coordinates to find the length of the parallel line segment along the x axis.

distance formula

When I gave them snippets from the video, it was just enough to get them going. Then they would get stuck. I showed a bit more of the video and they would be able to continue. We’ll keep working at it.


2 thoughts on “Days 89-90 one step equations and distance formula

  1. Mary
    Nice to link out to that video – very helpful. However, I cannot help but think that a triangle with ‘nicer’ side lengths would be much more helpful early on. Is this one of your first times to tangle with the distance formula?

    • This is my first year teaching this topic. I wanted a discovery activity and I soon recognized the example right triangle wasn’t that friendly. Can you point me to a better resource?

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