Days 93-95: revisiting one step equations

In my previous post, Monday, I noted the results of a formative assessment on one step equations (adding and subtracting) and shared how I differentiated for the students. I’m sorry to report that for my A day class (the class with the widest disparity) the same students who struggle continue to be baffled. It’s clear these students lack conceptual understanding.  For many, I wonder if a contributing factor is inattention. It seems to be getting in the way of moving concepts into long term memory. When they are focused, they dwell on procedure without regards to whether their process and answer make mathematical sense.

Here, one student combines like terms, then combines unlike terms, then maybe divides by 10? However the work from that point on is unclear.

one step

I thought I had been breaking down the lessons into manageable parts, but something’s amiss.

I’m hoping my other standard class will have a better conceptual understanding.


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