Days 96-115: Finding my way out of the doldrums

Between needing to recharge my battery and having nothing extraordinary to share, my desire to blog has been limited.


From Lizzie Nichols Concept Design

Most of my energy has been depleted by reteaching a small group of at-grade-level students. This group cannot remember integer rules and the numerous steps involved with multi-step equations. I thought continual practice would help, but for these students something else is blocking their progress. Earlier in the week I spoke with our school psychologist who said, “They’re just not ready for the concepts. Have them make note cards, or use their notes.” So on Friday they made color coded note cards.

We’ve moved on to inequalities, but the group that needs to reassess two step equations will be using their note cards when they reassess.


The kids have been learning slope. I used a couple of Dan’s Graphing Stories to pique interest and launch the unit. They’ll be assessing this week.